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The Truth About Hair Gummy Vitamins

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Over the last few years, hair gummy vitamins have become very popular. They have been widely promoted by celebrities (often subtly sponsored), such as the Kardashians, as the reason their hair is so long, healthy, and lush - but is that really so?

Today we are diving into some of the issues surrounding hair gummy vitamins and why they may not actually be the amazing hair care helper they've been praised as - not even close.

The Truth About Hair Gummy Vitamins

They Often Contain Sugar

When you review the ingredients of hair gummy vitamins, you'll find that many of them contain sugar and glucose syrup as first ingredients. The first ingredients listed in any ingredient list are the ones with the highest concentration in the formula. This means that sugar, in some form or in multiple forms, is the highest concentrated ingredient in those hair gummy vitamins. Sugar in hair gummy vitamins only serves the purpose of making the gummy taste like candy.

While the overall amount of sugar may be small, it still is what you're predominately getting from these hair gummy vitamins, rather than ingredients that will actually help support your best hair growth.

They May Contain Modified Starches  

While modified starches (also known as starch derivatives) are widely used and are commonly accepted as safe, they may not be as reliable or ideal for our health as we'd like to believe. Modified starches contain little to no nutritional value and are most frequently found in processed foods.

Most commonly used modified starches include potato, corn, or tapioca. Even though modified starches contain little nutritional value, in just a teaspoon amount, they can add approximately 30 calories of carbohydrates.

What is the purpose of modified starches?

  • Extending Shelf Life
  • Used as a Stabilizer
  • Used as a Thickening Agent
  • Emulsifier

When modified starches are listed in ingredient sections, they are often treated with chemicals that are not considered safe for consumption. They are also often processed in manufacturing facilities which have issues with cross-contamination, making claims such as "gluten free" less reliable.

Their Shelf Life is Shorter

Since vitamin gummies are softer like gummy candies, they also harden similarly which makes their shelf life quite a bit shorter than capsule hair vitamins. While this doesn't mean they are dangerous to consume necessarily, it can mean that their contents aren't as potent and effective.

Some Contain Artificial Dyes/Colors

While pink, purple, red, and blue hair gummies are pretty to look at, oftentimes the ingredients they use to achieve that color have a much less pretty story.

Artificial dyes/colors may potentially be harmful, and some have been found to be carcinogenic, which has resulted in a number of previously popular artificial dyes to be removed from the market by regulators.

What is "Natural Flavoring" exactly?

"Natural Flavors" is a blanket term that is frequently used on ingredient lists, but very rarely do the labels clarify what type of natural flavoring is actually being used, and the source of that flavouring. While the title "Natural Flavors" presents itself as the flavor coming from a natural ingredient (ie. strawberry flavoring derived from strawberries), that is not always the case.

Some ingredients that may have a specific flavor may be sourced from something entirely different, such as vanilla flavoring being sourced from castoreum (which is sourced from a beavers anal gland) rather than from vanilla beans.

While castoreum isn't deemed as an unsafe ingredient and has been long approved by the FDA, it may mean that some companies who use it are in conflict with claims such as their product being "vegan". For this reason, you may want to investigate what a company means exactly when they list "Natural Flavoring" on their ingredients.

They Often Are Not Actually Vegan 

While many brands claim their hair gummy vitamins are vegan, they may not actually be so. For example, many brands use gelatin in their formula which is not vegan friendly, or their biotin may not be sourced from vegan ingredients. And, as mentioned earlier, some "Natural Flavoring" may not reflect what seems most natural for flavor sourcing, and may not be vegan-friendly.

What are ST. TROPICA's Hair Growth Vitamin Ingredients? 

Vitamin A (Natural Beta Carotene), Vitamin B1 (Thianine HCI), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B5 (D-Calcium Pathothenate), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCI), Biotin (D-Biotin) (Vegan), Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid), Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin), Victmin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin D3 (Vegan Source) (Cladonia Rangiferina), Zinc (Zinc Oxide), MSM, Organic Amla (Phyllanthus emblica)(fruit) Organic Hibiscus (Hibiscus Sabdariffa)(flowers), Wild Acai (Euterpe Olercea)(fruit), Whole Black Bean Powder, Organic Spinach (Spinacia Oleracera)(leaf), Bamboo Extract 70% Silicia

As you can see, ST. TROPICA is committed to making Hair Growth Vitamins that are made with only truly beneficial ingredients. Our Hair Vitamins contain no harmful or useless ingredients or dyes, and instead are only made with highly effective superfoods and nutrients to support hair growth and hair health from the inside-out.

2 Responses

Mary Ann R

Mary Ann R

September 30, 2022

As a vegan, I find it difficult to believe some of these Hair Gummy Vitamins; they often claim to be vegan, but when you look at the ingredient list, you’ll be horrified to learn that they contain gelatin (and a lot of sugar that your body doesn’t need)!
I’m glad I’ve discovered ST. TROPICA’s Hair Vitamins! Not only is it vegan, but it is also cruelty-free and drug-free! There is no way I would ever trade it for those artificial gummies!

Crystal K

Crystal K

August 09, 2022

Most of these “gummies” contain gelatin, and as a vegan, I make sure to always read the label because some of these companies will trick us into purchasing their products by claiming that they are “vegan friendly.” This post is such an eye-opener!
I’m so glad I’m taking ST. TROPICA’s hair vitamins, they mean what they advertise! <3

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