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You May Be Asking: What Does “Clinically Proven” Even Mean?

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You May Be Asking: What Does “Clinically Proven” Even Mean?

Unlike nearly all other brands on the market, TRU BLOOM Hair Growth Vitamins (by ST. TROPICA) are CLINICALLY PROVEN to grow THICKER, FULLER, LONGER HAIR in just 60 DAYS, and even more at 90 DAYS. They have gone through rigorous testing to ensure their effectiveness so we can guarantee Hair improvement for our customers.

Being Clinically Proven is the Official Gold Standard - it’s a rare and significant accolade, and it’s a legally regulated standard that you can put your trust in. 

Spot the Scam & Deceptive Marketing

When you see Ads and Listings claiming things like “Clinically Researched”, “Clinically Studied”, “Clinically Developed”, “Clinically Tested”, “Clinically Supported”, “Clinically Evaluated”, “Clinically Backed”, “Clinical Strength”, Clinically Effective” and so on, those terms are NOT held to the same standard as Clinically Proven.  In fact, they are held to no standard - those terms are just marketing hype verbiage and NONE of these mean Clinically Proven. At the very most, they refer to a failed Clinical Study, which did not meet or exceed its Endpoints. If you see these disingenuous marketing terms being used, it might be best to just walk away… or run!

Some brands will state they use “CLINICALLY PROVEN INGREDIENTS” but this just means that they use certain ingredients that have studies available for their use and certain applications. However, it does not mean that they have a Clinically PROVEN STUDY for their actual Product or Formula. This again is a disingenuous marketing spin. By leveraging and highlighting an ingredient or two that may have undergone a Clinical Study they are positioning their product as being more regulated and trustworthy than it really is. We repeat: best not to walk away, but run. 

What Makes Clinically Proven, Different?

The terms above are simply just marketing angles used in the absence of the ONLY legally regulated term, “Clinically Proven”, which is a result of a registered CLINICALLY PROVEN Study. 

A Clinically Proven product has to have undergone a very thorough Study - one that is Medically designed, architected, regulated, and performed by 3rd party, qualified Medical Experts; i.e. Doctors, Dermatologists, Scientists, Registered Nurses and Medical Staff. It must be conducted under highly Controlled conditions with precise documentation & recorded data from beginning to end. Endpoints in a Study are known as “Study Endpoints”. These Endpoints are defined as points in the Study where the outcome has either not met, met, or exceeded the goals of the Study. In the Study of our Tru Bloom Hair Growth Vitamins, our supplements wildly exceeded all Study Endpoints. 

There is a reason so few brands (literally just a couple we’re aware of in the world, besides us) have obtained an elusive Proven Clinical Study. That’s because real Clinical Studies are 3 things:

    Clinical Studies are a costly investment being typically $6 to 7 figures to conduct. 
  2. RISKY
    Positive results are not guaranteed, in fact, about 90% of all Clinical Studies fail.
  3. SLOW
    Typically, the Study process can take approximately 6 to 12 months. This lengthy process includes a Double-Blind environment, where the Study Investigators & Administrators themselves don’t even know who is receiving the test Product and who is getting the Placebo. They do not have access to the data or results until it finally gets unlocked and interpreted for the Study’s final result.

Why We Took The Risk

You may be wondering: If it’s such an uncertain path, why risk going through the process of a Clinical Study? Well, we knew that our Tru Bloom Vitamins worked. 

The entire ST. TROPICA Team takes our Tru Bloom Vitamins daily and are living proof of what a difference these vitamins can make in overall Hair health, fullness/density, length, strength, and texture. Aside from our team, ST. TROPICA has amassed over 7,500 Glowing Reviews from happy customers around the world - containing incredible before and after photos showcasing just how magical these Hair Vitamins really are. So, that’s why last year, we decided to go all-in, take the plunge, and engage in our own (Expensive, Risky and Slow!) Official, Gold Standard, Randomized, Placebo Controlled, Double-Blind Clinical Study. 

Our Cruelty-Free Clinical Study 

While many Studies are performed on rodents, or primates, we at ST. TROPICA do not ever conduct Animal Testing. So we’re pleased to confirm that all of the Subjects in our CLINICAL STUDY were in fact humans. 

Deceptive Marketing Crack Down 

We expect that it won’t be long before the FDA gets involved and cracks down on these deceptive marketing tactics that a growing number of brands are engaged in, especially online; but until then, people are unknowingly getting duped by these misleading claims and it comes with a big price tag. Not only are many of the Hair Vitamins and Supplements on the market expensive, but with no guarantee for results (or in many cases, even a refund), it can be both a major waste of both money and time. 

Yes, Tru Bloom Vitamins Are Clinically Proven!

We’re thrilled to confirm that our Tru Bloom Hair Growth Vitamins met and greatly exceeded all (5) Study Endpoints in our lengthy Official Clinical Study. Through this Study, it was confirmed that taking our Tru Bloom Vitamins for 60 Days results in 1) Greater Hair Thickness, 2) Density, 3) Strength, 4) Length, and 5) Reduced Hair Fall, and even greater results were shown after 90 days. Our Vitamins outperformed expectations in each/every category and showed powerful results in Study participants. 

It’s Officially Proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tru Bloom Hair Vitamins work. So now, more than ever, it’s time to get yours and achieve your Hair goals. Along with our over-the-top 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee, you can now feel confident knowing that Tru Bloom Vitamins are truly backed by Science. Along with their affordability, Tru Bloom Vitamins are a NO-BRAINER for anyone who wants better Hair.

Why risk your hard earned money and time with brands that continually make deceptive claims about their Proof of Efficacy? What does that say about those brands? The only thing that matters legally, whether it be in a Court of Law, at the FDA, or on an Episode of Shark Tank, are these 2 elusive, hard won, words: “CLINICALLY PROVEN”. 

As the saying goes: Knowledge is power - and now you know! Please do share this with others; and thank you so much for your interest.

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