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Yes! Coconut Oil Works Its Magic On All Hair Types

Yes! Coconut Oil Works Its Magic On All Hair Types

Yes! Coconut Oil Works Its Magic On All Hair Types

Lustrous, glossy, smooth, shiny locks. Everyone's dream! Unless you were born with a gorgeous, easy to manage mane, you may think no product could ever get you there.

  • "My hair is too frizzy to ever hope for smoothness."
  • "No product could tame these curls."
  • "A hair mask that works on my kinky hair? Not a chance."

If this is what you’ve been telling yourself, we have a surprise in store for you. There is one ingredient that is practically magic for hair. And guess what? It works on all hair types. Better yet, it is all-natural and good for hair and skin.

What is this miracle worker? Coconut oil!

Coconut Oil Works On All Hair Types 

It’s no secret coconut oil is a beauty hit. But how can it be beneficial to all hair types at once?

Coconut Oil for Frizzy, Kinky, and Curly Hair Types 

Coconut oil has the unique ability to penetrate the hair shaft, hydrating and repairing hair from the inside out. Frizzy, kinky, and very curly hair types tend to be dry. This infusion of healthy oil tones down dryness and smooths strands. Hair is left soft and manageable.

ST. TROPICA Hair Mask is made with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and other healthy hair ingredients perfect for frizzy, kinky, or curly hair types. Organic Amla is rich in essential fatty acids that strengthen hair and soften strands from root to tip. An ideal ingredient for dry hair. Organic Horsetail smooths the hair shaft and gives a revitalized look.

Use our hair mask twice weekly for maximum benefits to frizzy, kinky, or curly hair.

For Oily, Fine, and Limp Hair Types

So, what about hair types that aren’t in need of as much moisture, like thin or oily hair types? It is important to remember when treating oily hair and scalp, that drying products can cause frizziness, flyaways, and split ends, and may even lead to excess oil production. Essential moisture helps to balance an oily scalp and keep hair healthy.

As for fine or thinning hair? Coconut oil is lightweight and won’t weigh hair down, so the perfect choice when dealing with less-than-beefy locks. This nutrient-rich oil also helps to promote hair growth by preventing breakage, boosting circulation, and keeping hair follicles clear.

We’ve included ingredients in our hair mask well suited to oily, thinning, and fine hair types. Organic green tea strengthens and promotes hair growth, while Organic Hibiscus helps to reduce hair loss. Organic Biotin increases elasticity, minimizing hair breakage.

Use ST. TROPICA Hair Mask weekly on oily, limp, or fine hair for best results.

For All Other Hair Types

No hair issues to speak of? Lucky ducky. You can still get in on the goodness of a coconut oil hair mask. Coconut oil adds brilliant shine and manageability to all hair types, even those that are relatively well behaved to begin with. Plus, healthy hair care helps to ward off future damage.

Our hair mask is designed to be heated and applied to dry hair. Heat opens the hair cuticle, allowing the coconut oil to more easily penetrate strands. Dry hair readily absorbs the oil, so use the mask prior to washing. Let the mask absorb into hair for at least 20 minutes, longer if you are treating dryness, frizziness, or damage.

As you can see, there is practically nothing Coconut Oil can’t do. This all-natural superstar ingredient is well suited to all hair types.

Now, if we could get it to do the laundry we’d really be on to something.

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May 24, 2019

I used to think that using oil on my fine hair would make it super limp and greasy looking, but was surprised to find that it actually builds volume. Love it!

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