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What Causes Oily Hair? Top 4 Reasons and Ways to Help

December 11, 2020 1 Comment

Two girls with blonde hair. One girl has moe limp oily hair and is holding the other girls hair, which looks cleaner, with an annoyed look on her face.

What Causes Oily Hair? Top 4 Reasons and Ways to Help

Tried everything and still dealing with limp, greasy locks? Not only is oily hair a challenge to keep looking clean, it can lead to dandruff. Here’s what causes oily hair and ways to get rid of it, fast.


What Causes Oily Hair? Top 4 Things That Lead to Greasy Locks

“My hair gets greasy really fast. Help!” If this sounds like you, let’s take a look at what is likely causing your greasy locks.


  1. Heredity: Overactive sebaceous glands are a common cause of oily hair and scalp. These glands produce sebum necessary for keeping skin and hair strands moisturized and healthy. But overactive glands, most often chalked up to genetics, can mean an oily scalp and greasy locks. 


  1. Hair Care Ingredients: If you are experiencing greasy hair and nothing seems to help, it’s time to take a look at your haircare products. Certain ingredients can make hair look greasier. For example, harsh cleansing agents strip hair and scalp of natural oils, causing oils glands to overproduce in an attempt to moisturize skin and hair. Silicones are another troublesome ingredient, often weighing hair down and ramping up oil production. This ingredient is often what causes greasy hair suddenly when you typically have normal hair type.


  1. Over-Washing: When dealing with oily hair, most people opt to wash more often. But washing everyday can actually lead to even oilier skin and hair. Daily washing strips away natural oils and causes an imbalance in pH levels, and again you have oil glands working overtime. Try sticking with a once to twice weekly shampoo and follow our guidelines to control the greasies between washings.


  1. Over-Styling: Too much touching and brushing can stimulate oil glands and cause hair to look greasy. Try not to touch your hair more than necessary throughout the day and style minimally on days you don’t shampoo. 


Best Hair Care Products for Oily Hair

Using shampoo for oily hair made with natural surfactants, and conditioners and styling products that contain natural oils will help to keep your skin and hair balanced.


Dry shampoo for oily hair is an essential when you’re wondering how to get rid of oily hair fast. Make sure you keep one of these in your hair care arsenal to use between washings and to absorb excess oils before styling. 


Conventional dry shampoos often include chemicals that lead to dryness (cue overactive oil production. But natural ingredients soak up oil while leaving hair and scalp comfortable and healthy looking.


  1. TROPICA Aloha Babe Dry Shampoo contains natural Tapioca Starch to absorb excess oils on hair and scalp, making it safe to use whenever you desire a refresh. It’s designed for all hair types, including oily, and can even be used to spot treat greasy areas, like roots and bangs. 


Remember these tips to dealing with oily hair and scalp: 

  • Natural ingredients
  • Wash less
  • Hands off
  • An amazing dry shampoo


Buh-bye greasies!

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September 27, 2021

It’s funny to think that washing your hair more, makes it more oily!!! But it’s good to know that Dry Shampoo can get rid of oily hair, I’m curious to try the Aloha Babe Dry Shampoo :)

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