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How To Get Rid of Split Ends Naturally

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How To Get Rid of Split Ends Naturally

Fretting over frayed ends? Before you grab the scissors, know that split ends are super common. Most often, split ends show up when hair is dry or brittle, from using too-harsh hair care or over-styling, for instance. Read on for tips on how to get rid of split ends naturally.

How to Get Rid of Split Ends Naturally at Home

It’s fairly easy to get rid of split ends. Let’s start with how to get rid of split ends naturally at home.

  1. Use Gentle Hair Care:

    Mainstream hair care can be chock full of ingredients that lead to dry, brittle strands. Mm hm, even those products that are meant to make hair feel smooth and silky. To find out why, read all about the negative effects of using silicones on your hair. Opt for shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in made with natural ingredients that support healthy hair. Our Luscious Locks Leave-In Conditioner visibly diminishes split ends with exotic Hair Superfoods and is perfect for daily use. 


  1. Keep Hair Moisturized:

    Since dry hair often leads to split ends, it’s ideal to keep hair from drying out. The best way to infuse hair with moisture is with a heated hair oil mask that includes richly moisturizing hair superfoods. The heat opens the cuticle layer of strands, allowing healthy ingredients to more easily penetrate and work their magic. You know how a facialist applies a warm towel to open pores so skin better absorbs the products applied? Heating a hair mask works in a similar way.
  1. Care for Your Scalp:

    When you have split ends on hair, they definitely take the focus. But scalp health is important for a beautiful mane, and a dry scalp can lead to dry hair. Those good-for-hair products (like our Beach Goddess Hot Oil Mask) you are using for your hair will benefit your scalp too. 
  1. Take Care When Styling:

    Over-styling with heated styling tools can lead to hair damage, including split ends. Try this trick: Only wash your hair every 2-3 days, and keep blow drying, curling, and straightening to 1-2 times per week. Check out our tips on how to extend time between hair washings and learn how to style your hair without heat to reduce damage. 
  1. Sleep On Satin:

    It might sound crazy, but hair damage can actually occur while you sleep. Cotton pillowcases cause friction and absorb healthy oils from hair, which can cause breakage. Switch out cotton for a satin pillowcase to keep strands smooth and split-free.

The fastest way to get rid of split ends on hair is to go for a trim. Taking off the frayed tips instantly improves the look of your hair. If you aren’t visiting the salon right now, you may be able to perform a DIY trim at home. Just be sure to use sharp scissors and take off less than you think is necessary. Once those pesky ends are gone, utilize the tips above to keep your ends looking healthy and gorgeous.

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Daphne L

Daphne L

October 20, 2021

Great information! I’ve been dealing with crazy split ends for years and I recently just got the Beach Goddess Hot Oil Hair Mask after a recommendation. I do see a difference and I’m waiting on my order for the Luscious Locks Leave-in Conditioner so I can finally deal with my split ends at home without going to the salon :)

Caroline P

Caroline P

March 22, 2021

Thank you ST. TROPICA for making such incredible products! The Luscious Locks Leave-in Conditioner has completely repaired my split ends! I didn’t even need to get a trim! Applying it after a shower every few days has made my hair softer, shinier and healthier!

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