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How to Achieve Voluminous Hair

Woman with voluminous blonde hair smiling and holding the ST. TROPICA Mermaid Mist Hair Thickening Spray

How to Achieve Voluminous Hair

Voluminous and thick-looking hair from the 90s has been making a major comeback - and we love it. But as much as we love voluminous-looking hair, we also know how difficult it can be to achieve thick looking locks and volume in your hair. That's why today we are sharing our top tips for achieving voluminous locks!

How to Get Voluminous Hair with the Mermaid Mist Hair Thickening Spray

The Quick Fix: Try A Hair Thickening Spray

Our Mermaid Mist Hair Thickening Spray is designed to add serious volume to your hair - from root to tip. Formulated with ingredients such as Himalayan Pink Salt, Sea Kelp Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Hibiscus Flower Extract, Amla Fruit Extract, & Bhringraj Extract, the Mermaid Mist adds dreamy texture and fullness to the hair so that you can enjoy more voluminous-looking locks with just a few sprays.

You can use the Mermaid Mist Hair Thickening Spray to add volume and enhance your natural texture by spraying it into damp hair and then allowing it to air dry, or you can add it to damp hair before styling to create your own custom look. If you just want to add volume to your roots, then you can also just focus this product on your root section and allow it to either air dry or blow dry to enjoy a bit of extra volume.

The great thing about a hair thickening spray is that it can help you achieve thicker looking hair in minutes. It's what we like to call a "quick fix" for flat or thin looking hair. You simply spray it in (either just at the roots, or from root to tip) and style as usual to enjoy immediately thicker looking hair. Isn't that amazing?


Quick Fix: Blow Dry In The Opposite Direction

An easy way to add volume to your hair is by blow drying your roots in the opposite direction than it naturally lays. You can even flip your head over and blow dry the back of your hair downward to help lift the roots. We recommend spraying in the Mermaid Mist Hair Thickening Spray to add in extra lift and help it last for days.


Longer Term: Support Your Hair Growth

Thicker hair starts at the root and that means supporting your hair growth and taking care of your scalp is the ultimate way to support thicker-looking hair over time. Our Tru Bloom Hair Growth Vitamins contain essential hair nutrients and superfoods to support healthier hair growth from the inside-out.

By simply taking just one Tru Bloom Vitamins a day, you're providing your hair and scalp with necessary nutrients that will encourage new and faster hair growth - but don't take our word for it, check out our over 5,000 five star reviews! Hot oil hair treatments are another excellent way to improve your scalp health and support healthier hair growth for thicker hair. Our OG Beach Goddess Hot Oil Hair Mask is the ultimate scalp and hair treat.

We recommend applying it once weekly to improve the condition of your scalp and hair, and enjoy healthier hair growth.

Pro Tip: Level-up your hot oil treatment by gently massaging your scalp for 5 minutes once your mask has been applied. This will help stimulate hair growth.

Order the Tru Bloom Hair Growth Vitamins and Beach Goddess Hot Oil Hair Mask together in the ultimate scalp and hair growth set, The Duo Dream Team. They support your hair health by providing your body what it needs for healthier hair growth and also helping to balance the scalp and optimizing it for hair growth.

While hair and scalp improvement takes a bit more time to show results than a hair thickening spray, it will provide you with more voluminous and healthy feeling locks over time. And, just imagine using your Mermaid Mist Hair Thickening Spray on your extra-thick and healthy hair once you begin seeing results from your Tru Bloom Vitamins and Beach Goddess Hot Oil Hair Mask!

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Zianne C

Zianne C

October 12, 2023

I can’t believe it’s that easy to achieve thicker-looking hair! I can’t wait to have voluminous and healthy locks!

Janin B

Janin B

March 13, 2023

Thanks for the voluminous hair tips! This natural approach to hair care is refreshing. I’m excited to try these recommended styling methods and achieve the volume I crave!

Mindy C

Mindy C

March 08, 2023

Wow, what a great blog! As someone who struggles with flat, lifeless hair, I found these tips and tricks for achieving voluminous hair really insightful. The step-by-step instructions are especially helpful – I can’t wait to try them out and see the results for myself!

Sienna R

Sienna R

March 06, 2023

As someone who has been searching for the perfect hair products to help me achieve voluminous hair, this blog post has definitely convinced me to give this a try! The tips are so easy to follow, and the before-and-after pictures are truly impressive. I can’t wait to see the results for myself!

Marika S

Marika S

March 05, 2023

Wow, I never knew achieving voluminous hair could be this easy! Thank you for sharing these amazing tips!

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