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Do Hair Vitamins Really Work for Hair Growth?

Brunette with strong radiant hair taking ST. TROPICA hair vitamins for maximum hair growth - best hair vitamin to grow hair fast

Do Hair Vitamins Really Work for Hair Growth? 

Taking extra good care of your hair and still have weak, spindly strands? It might be time to ramp up your vitamin game.

Hair growth vitamins are in the same beauty category as anti-wrinkle creams and cellulite treatments. You really want them to work but often end up with unexciting results. Why do these products not always work as advertised? This is a case of you are what you eat. 

If you were looking to get your bod in killer shape, you’d probably opt for the organic produce over packaged, processed fruit puree, right? Well, same goes for your supplements. Many hair growth vitamins on the market are made of low quality ingredients and even the healthy ingredients are so processed they barely resemble their former selves. So, of course these subpar vitamins don’t have much effect on hair.

Now, take the organic produce of hair vitamins. Those made with carefully selected ingredients proven to boost the appearance of hair growth and shine, and make your mane look extra luxe and healthy. Ingredients from nature that have been used for centuries to deliver big time hair results. Sign us up!

We’ve crafted the mother of all hair vitamins here at ST. TROPICA. Our Hair Growth Vitamins are made with the highest quality hair-loving ingredients, full of nutrients and hair superfoods to actually over deliver on the results you are looking for. Longer, stronger, thicker looking hair.

What’s in Our Hair Growth Vitamins That Makes Them Better Than the Rest?

As we said above, it’s all about what’s in the vitamins you take. So, what are our Hair Growth Vitamins made of that make them so special? Let us introduce you to the all star hair superfood supporting cast:


This hair beauty is packed with vitamins to make hair feel super strengthened, thicker, and look amazingly shiny.


We add this vitamin C rich ingredient to diminish signs of hair fall and boost the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.


An ancient hair superfood, this baby is loaded with antioxidants and fatty acids to lend a feeling of strength and silky softness to strands.

Black Bean Powder:

Mineral rich, this powerful protein is used to promote hair growth and offer a sense of support to weak, lack luster hair.

Spinach Powder:

Give your hair some greens with this moisturizing nutrient rich ingredient that promotes the feel of healthy hair and scalp.

Acai Berry:

Known as the “beauty berry” for good reason, it supports the look of optimal hair growth and makes hair look supermodel gorgeous.

With all of that goodness going on it’s not hard to see why ST. TROPICA Hair Growth Vitamins are different from the rest. These powerful little capsules offer a healthy and natural way to give your hair the love it deserves.

Make our Hair Growth Vitamins a part of your daily self care regimen. Just one a day to beautiful locks that feel healthy, thick, and strong.

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5 Responses

Ken C

Ken C

June 05, 2023

I’ve tried my fair share of hair growth vitamins and it really can be a hit or miss, and not all of them can deliver.
Believe me when I say that ST. TROPICA’s Hair Growth Vitamins are such a game-changer. The ingredients alone can make such a big difference!



August 29, 2020

I was wondering if anyone noticed a change in the firmness of their skin? All these ingredients are also in skin hair nail formulas… so I assume a prettier complexion might be noticed.



January 04, 2021

Hello do you deliver to Canada?

Team STT

Team STT

June 23, 2019

Hi Jane, yes we do! We also have a Free PRIORITY shipping offer on right now, with a money back guarantee, on our 60 Day Hair Vitamin Challenge! We’ll email you details directly, Thanks so much! xo

Jane bell

Jane bell

June 23, 2019

Do you deliver to the uk ?

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