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Hair Trends 2021: Stay Ahead of the Curve With These Hot Styles

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Hair Trends 2021: Stay Ahead of the Curve With These Hot Styles

A full year of Zoom meetings, sweat pants, and infrequent makeup application has certainly affected our level of vanity. Beauty trends have definitely conformed to distance living and we are here for it. Bring on the best hair trends 2021 has to offer!

Hair Trends 2021: You’re Going to Love Them All

  1. Short Bob: 

    Let’s start off in a safe place, shall we? If you are looking for a change that doesn’t involve a major transformation, there’s no better place to start than a sweet chin-length bob à la Kaia Gerber. This year, think casual movement and loose waves. The perfect time to give your hair a break from the straightener, and get behind some finger-waves and air-dried locks.
  1. Cropped Coif:

    For our curly-haired friends, now’s the time to go short. As in, off the next and above the ears. Time to let those curls do their thing. No curls to sport? A pixie is in for hair trends 2021. If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like with cropped locks, go for it.
  1. ‘70s Fringe:

    Ok, who doesn’t think of cutting bangs every single winter? This year, we’re seeing ‘70s-inspired curtain bangs. Think Dakota Johnson or Daisy Edgar-Jones with their parted-in-the-middle and swept-to-both-sides look. 
  1. The Shag:

    So, maybe you’ve heard the mullet is back. And this is true. But for most of us, the bi-level cut popular in the ‘80s is a big leap. Go for a modern shag instead. Lots of layers and texture, worn with or without bangs, is the cut of the moment.
  1. Tousled, Not Tamed:

    Staying true to the laid back social distancing vibe, 2021 hair trends are all about setting your natural texture free. Sleek strands and perfect waves are history, for now. Taking good care of your hair will make embracing your natural texture a new favorite thing. 
  1. Fun Accessories:

    Not only are hair clips, headbands, and pretty barrettes a fun way to add interest and sophistication to your look, they’re also a fast and easy way to dress up your appearance in a hurry. Have a virtual meeting or video date coming up and you’re short on time? No worries! Simply don a gorgeous hair scarf and you’re good to go.
  1. Go Gray:

    Coloring hair gray is so 2018. We are talking about letting your natural color show. Many see gray strands poke through in their 30s and 40s (and even younger), and immediately head to the salon to cover them up. What better time to let your gray grow out than when you are stuck at home? Need some inspo? Look no further than the gorgeous Sarah Harris, Deputy Editor of British Vogue.

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March 09, 2021

I love these ideas! I needed some inspo and this blog post definitely inspired me. Can’t wait to try something new. Thanks!

Gia M

Gia M

March 05, 2021

I love these ideas! I recently had my hair cut into a bob and my hair feels so healthy and soft! Now I’m taking the Tru Bloom hair vitamins for thicker hair!

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