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How To Know if Your Scalp Is Healthy

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How To Know if Your Scalp Is Healthy

Scalp treatments may be fairly new to the hair care scene, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Think of taking care of your scalp as part of your regular beauty regimen and prevent scalp (and hair!) issues before they start. Here’s how to know if your scalp is healthy.

There are a few common concerns to look for when it comes to how to know if your scalp is healthy. Because you can’t easily see the skin on your scalp, these tips will help you identify any scalp issues.

Does your scalp feel dry?

If you’ve noticed small, dry flakes in your hair or on your shirt, have dry skin on other areas of your body, or your scalp feels itchy or tight, you may be experiencing dry scalp. Dry scalp can be the result of cold air, low humidity, aging, or lack of moisturizing hair care. Products that contain silicones are also known to dry skin and hair. A good solution for dry scalp is to use naturally moisturizing ingredients, like Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, to keep skin hydrated and healthy.

Does your scalp feel irritated?

If your scalp feels tender or looks red, it could be from irritation to synthetic ingredients, an allergic reaction, or dermatitis. Try eliminating harsh shampoos, wash your hair less frequently, and using gentle natural ingredients on your hair.

Does your scalp feel oily?

An oily scalp is often the result of using the wrong products for your hair type. This can also happen if your scalp is dry and your skin is overcompensating by producing excess oil. Eat a healthy diet and be sure to provide your scalp with essential moisture, as in a weekly Hot Oil Hair Mask. Yes, even oily skin needs adequate hydration.

Does there seem to be a build-up on your scalp?

Gently rub your scalp with your fingernails. Do you come away with a white or yellowish film? This is a build-up of dead skin cells and product. Be sure to use a gentle touch when exfoliating the scalp. Hibiscus, which contains natural acids that can help to gently break down dead skin cells and purify the skin, is found in our Beach Goddess Hot Oil Hair Mask. And avoid silicone-containing hair products to prevent product build-up.

Do you see hair loss?

It can be a bit alarming when you discover that your hair feels thinner than usual. Stress and hormonal changes are both common causes of thinning hair. Alopecia Areata is an immune system condition that causes hair loss and thinning. See what our Tru Bloom customers have to say about how our Hair Growth Vitamins have helped this condition. 

Is your hair brittle, damaged, or showing split ends?

If you are taking good care of your hair and it’s still looking damaged or lackluster, it could be your scalp that’s to blame. Ignoring the health of your scalp will eventually show up on your mane. Make time for regular scalp treatments and your self-care time will result in a healthy scalp and strong, beautiful locks.

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4 Responses

Maricar W

Maricar W

October 12, 2023

My locks were damaged, but I didn’t know that it wasn’t because of them, it was my scalp!
I’m all about that healthy scalp life now! Thanks for this info!!

Cynthia V

Cynthia V

August 15, 2023

Who knew scalp health was so important? I’ll be making scalp treatments a regular part of my routine from now on!



November 18, 2022

Now I can easily determine my scalp condition and figure out a way to treat it effectively.



September 27, 2021

What an informative blog post, but is straight to the point! I’ve always wondered how to tell whether my scalp is healthy or not.

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