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4 Ways to Support Stronger & Healthier Hair Regrowth

4 Ways to Support Stronger & Healthier Hair Regrowth

Before you go panic-mode, remember…there are many causes of hair thinning and hair loss. And most of them are reversible. Whatever the cause of your missing strands, there are steps you can take to support the appearance of hair regrowth and get your hair thickness back on track.

4 Ways to Support Stronger & Healthier Hair Regrowth

We are obsessed with all things beautiful hair. And one of those things is hair that feels thick and voluminous. Follow these tips to see big time beauty benefits in the thinning hair department.

  1. What Goes In

Yep, we’ll say it again, diet counts when it comes to how healthy your hair looks and feels. Have no idea where to start when organizing your diet for hair regrowth? One of the best places to look is your omega and antioxidant intake. A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology stated that supplementation with omega-3 and omega-6 plus antioxidants reduced hair fall in women with hair loss. 

  1. Massage Matters

This might be the best news you hear all day. Scalp massage not only feels amazing, it also appears to improve the feeling of thicker hair. Research published in Eplasty Journal of Plastic Surgery showed hair thickness to actually increase with scalp massage. Try using our Beach Goddess Hot Oil Hair Mask for added hair benefits with your massage.

  1. Don’t Bring the Heat

It’s no secret that heated styling can leave hair looking damaged over time because of breaking and pulling of strands. If steering clear of heated styling tools sounds impossible, we’ve got you covered. Follow our guide to styling hair without heat and watch as your locks come back to life.

  1. Mane Ingredients

Certain ingredients seem supercharged when it comes to boosting the appearance of hair regrowth. And to make it super easy, we’ve included them in our vitamins for hair growth. Tru Bloom Hair Growth Vitamins include Organic Hair Superfoods like Amla, Hibiscus, and Acai to back up our star formula, creating hair that looks full, long, and (the best part) thick! An absolutely essential hair regrowth product, just ask our customers who’ve taken the challenge.

3 Responses

Danika M.

Danika M.

December 03, 2021

I love that ST. TROPICA has products that will help your hair from the inside out. They work!

Nicole J

Nicole J

November 23, 2021

Quarantine has allowed me to literally let my hair down and go au natural! I used to straighten my curls everyday, but I love these tips on how you can style your hair without heat. Game changer!

Kim R.

Kim R.

October 27, 2021

It’s quite interesting to see what kind of ingredients that are needed to maintain our hair. I’m glad to see that there are healthy and organic ingredients in your hair vitamins.

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