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7 Sure Ways to Prevent and Treat Hair Loss and Breakage

Brunette staying ahead of hair loss with the ST. TROPICA hair mask

7 Sure Ways to Prevent and Treat Hair Loss and Breakage

Everyone experiences hair loss or hair breakage at some point. Pregnancy, illness, aging, and improper hair care are all related to how resilient hair is to breakage and loss. Thankfully, there are ways to treat both of these hair issues and prevent them from becoming a chronic problem.

First, it’s important to know the difference between hair loss and hair breakage. If you are seeing more strands than usual in your bathroom sink or you feel like you have less hair when it’s gathered in a ponytail, this is due to hair loss. Hair that looks frizzy or frayed is caused by breakage.

A certain amount of hair loss is normal and happens to everyone. The average woman is said to lose between 50 and 150 strands per day. While some people are heavier shedders than others if you notice that you are dropping more hair than usual or your hair is noticeably thinner, it’s time to get to the bottom of why you are losing hair.

Stress and not getting the proper vitamins from diet are common reasons for increased hair loss, but imbalanced hormones and other health issues can also be the cause. If you are eating a healthy diet and managing stress, and still seeing excessive hair loss or thinning, it’s a good idea to check in with your doctor.

Hair breakage often occurs when hair is dry, brittle, over-processed, or over-styled. A little TLC and your tresses will be back to beautiful.

7 Ways to Prevent and Treat Hair Loss and Breakage

1. Cleanse wisely

Those sulfate-loaded shampoos are super drying, and dry hair is prone to breakage and hair loss. Use nontoxic hair care instead, and also only shampoo when hair is actually dirty. Put second or third-day hair up in a ponytail for a classic look.

2. Gentle up ‘do 

As for that pony … using super tight or pulling hair bands will also lead to hair breakage. Hair ties made with soft fabric won’t pull, break, or cause the dreaded hair dent. Stock up on hair ties in fun shades and designs to make up ‘do day more exciting.

3. Cool the heat 

Flat ironing or heat styling every day will cause hair to fray and frizz, becoming more susceptible to breakage. A good blow out should last at least two days, but if you feel the need to heat style daily, try to keep the temp at 365 degrees to avoid damage. Lower for finer-textured hair.

4. Detangle with care

Wet hair is fragile hair, so be sure to go easy on just washed strands. Rather than raking through with a brush (yes, it’s quick and tempting), use the Luscious Locks Leave-in Conditioner to smooth strands and remove tangles and then carefully detangle hair with a wide-toothed comb. Leave brushing for when hair is dry.



5. Up the moisture

Don’t wait until your hair feels dried out to use a moisturizing treatment. Regular use of our coconut oil hair mask will keep hair hydrated, flexible, and resilient to breakage. If you bleach or heat style your hair, up your hair mask usage to twice weekly. Using a hair mask also boosts circulation and unclogs hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth. Good for those dealing with excessive hair loss.


6. Safe sleeping

Did you know your hair can break while you sleep? It may sound crazy, but it’s true! Cotton pillowcases cause friction and absorb healthy oils from hair, leading to breakage. Opt for a satin pillowcase (Vegan versions are available), or high thread count cotton (i.e. 1000 thread count) to maintain your mane.

7. Healthy hair diet 

There are certain foods that keep hair healthy and strong. Of course, coconut oil is on the list of hair superfoods. Stock up on healthy hair foods for strong, thick locks. Another great way to support healthier hair growth from the inside-out is by taking one Tru Bloom Hair Growth Vitamin a day. These vitamins are one-of-a-kind and contain essential hair nutrients and superfoods to help you achieve your longest, strongest, and thickest hair.



3 Responses

Alexie H

Alexie H

August 15, 2023

Hair loss got me worried, but now I have hope! I’ll definitely try two days without styling my hair with heat.
I’m going to start embracing my natural waves and give my hair some much-needed rest!

Natasha R

Natasha R

August 01, 2023

Who knew my pillowcase could be causing my hair breakage? Definitely switching to satin ASAP! Thanks for the amazing advice!



May 24, 2019

I hate looking in the shower drain and seeing all of that hair loss. Gonna try these tricks to preventing hair breakage for sure!

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