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Fight Frizz No More With Coconut Oil for Hair

Fight Frizz No More With Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut Oil for Hair is the Ultimate Frizz Fixer

Summer isn’t even officially here yet, but you may already be fighting the frizz. It doesn’t take much humidity to send certain hair types into a frizzy funk. Here’s how coconut oil for hair is going to change your life this summer.

First, of all. What makes certain hair frizz at the first whiff of moisture while others seem to bask in smooth glossiness year ‘round? Hey, we are all born with our own skin and hair types. Best to embrace what you’ve got and learn how best to manage it.

Yes, that naturally sleek hair some are lucky enough to sport may seem like a hair dream come true. But even those with straight hair can succumb to bouts of frizz.


What causes frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair turns up in different forms. You can have whole head frizz, where you experience out of control strands on your entire head. Maybe only the top layer of your hair goes frizzy, leaving the bottom disproportionately straighter. And then there is the frizz halo, that messy little cloud that mostly plagues straight-haired guys and gals.

No matter what type of frizz you deal with, the cause is dry hair. When hair is dried out, the outside cuticle layer is roughed up, rather than the flat cuticle layer that comes with sleek, glossy, healthy hair. This raised hair cuticle layer is what causes hair to look frizzy.


So now that we know what causes frizz, how do we fix it?

Frizz does not have to derail your whole beauty plan. All you need is to re-hydrate hair with healthy natural ingredients. And the best way to do that is with natural coconut oil.

Remember, not just any old coconut oil will do. Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, like we use in ST. TROPICA Beach Goddess Hot Oil Hair Mask, is the healthiest way to treat frizz and persuade curly hair to behave. The unique molecular structure of Virgin Coconut Oil enables it to fully penetrate the human hair shaft, getting past the cuticle and into the cortex. The result? A flat hair cuticle layer. And you know what that means…buh-bye frizz.


What makes the Beach Goddess Hot Oil Hair Mask so special?

We include other healthy hair ingredients in our hair mask to banish fuzz. Organic Amla is high in essential fatty acids, making hair incredibly soft. And Organic Horsetail is a celebrity hair ingredient that repairs damaged hair tissue along the hair shaft. Both great for battling less-than-silky locks.

Regular use of ST. TROPICA Hair Mask will keep your mane sleek, shiny, and manageable all summer long. No need to sweat rain or humidity (or sweat, for that matter) with this glossy hair trick in your hair care arsenal.

And we aren’t the only ones who believe in coconut oil for hair as the best frizzy hair treatment. See what our incredible customers are saying about our healthy hair mask.

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May 24, 2019

I loooove summer! But it also means frizzy hair:( Will have to up my St. Tropica hair mask applications to twice weekly once the humidity starts to rise.

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