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How to Have Healthy Hair at Every Age

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How to Have Healthy Hair at Every Age

As with your skin, you deal with different hair issues during the various stages of life. You may be unable to skip a washing during your teen years and end up with dryness and fly-aways in your 40s. The right hair care tricks will give your healthy hair no matter what life throws at you. 

Have you ever considered that your hair ages? Yep, just like your skin and body, hair is not exempt from the aging process. Maybe you’ve even seen anti-aging hair care. Before you get carried away and spend the big bucks on these tress revival products, let’s take a look at why hair ages and what you can do to keep your ‘do looking its best.

The Ways Hair Ages

Feel your hair is becoming thinner? You may not be imaging it. Science now shows that age-related DNA damage causes some hair follicle stem cells to transform into epidermal keratinocytes, or skin. This type of cell naturally sloughs away over time, which leaves us with fewer strands and thinner hair. 

Another complaint many people have as they hit a certain age is dryness. When did your beautiful, glossy hair turn into straw and take your natural curl along with it? We naturally produce more sebum, oil produced by the sebaceous glands to keep skin and hair from drying out, when in our teens and twenties. As we age, our body produces less and less oil, causing the hair and scalp to become dry. And women seem to be more vulnerable to sebum loss than men.

Drying and thinning seem like normal parts of hair aging. But can your hair texture actually change? Yes! Thickness of the individual hair strands decreases with age, which causes finer hair texture. Coupled with loss of thickness and straighter hair due to dryness, this can make hair look limp.

Graying is the hallmark of aging hair. Pigment in our hair decreases as we get older, reducing the amount of melanin in strands. These strands take on a transparent quality, which looks gray, silver, or white. This usually starts to happen around the time you notice thinning and dryness, or after 40, but some people experience graying much earlier.

So, we’ve covered the whys of hair thinning. Now for what you can do to fix and prevent them.

Healthy Hair Tips for Every Age

In Your 20s: Your hair is likely strong, healthy, and happy right now. The best tactic for this age is to keep it that way! Using organic hair care is the first step in keeping harsh, toxic ingredients off your hair and scalp. You know how a weekly exfoliation or facial mask keeps your skin smooth and glowing? Same goes for hair. A weekly treatment conditions and nourishes hair, making it look beautiful and protecting it from damage.

In Your 30s:

This decade, you go into protection mode. Support your hair by incorporating hydrating shampoos and conditioners as well as one Tru Bloom Hair Vitamin a day. You may be able to get by with washing your hair less often now, which helps to maintain natural oil balance and prevent moisture loss. Reduce your use of heated styling tools and stay away from silicone-based products and products that contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. You can up your use of a hair mask to twice weekly or more, as you see fit. 

In Your 40s and beyond:

In your 40s you will likely start to experience dryness and, possibly, thinning. Coconut oil is perfect for combating dryness, plumping up the volume, and making hair look shiny and healthy. Use a hair mask twice weekly to maintain moisture and resilience. Masking prior to coloring is a good way to ready hair to accept color and keep chemicals from parching hair. You can also incorporate the Tru Bloom Hair Growth Vitamins to help support your hair from the inside-out. These vitamins contain essential hair nutrients and legendary superfoods to support your growth so that you can enjoy your longest, strongest, and thickest hair!

As for gray hair. Many people, especially women, don’t want to let their hair go gray. Unfortunately, there is no magic trick to warding off gray hair, but there are ways to take precautions against the damaging effects of chemical color and maintain healthy hair. That said, gray hair is definitely on trend right now!


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Lilith P

Lilith P

February 06, 2023

Everyone should read this blog. It’s true that your hair is like a reflection of your health, so it’s important to take care of it at every age!



April 16, 2018

Dry hair is such an issue! Definitely need to mask more often with your CO hair mask:)



April 05, 2018

Excited to try my first hair mask:)

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