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Does a Healthy Scalp Promote Hair Growth?

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Does a Healthy Scalp Promote Hair Growth? 

There are several factors that lead to hair loss, thinning, and breakage – from medical conditions and hormonal imbalance, to diet and hair care products. But there is one essential factor in maintaining optimal hair growth. Ever wondered … does a healthy scalp promote hair growth? You’re headed in the right direction.

The Scalp is Skin, Too

The skin on your scalp may not be as visible as on other parts of your body. But it’s important to know how it functions to keep it in top condition.

Like the gut, the skin has its own microbiome, a combination of good bacteria that live on the skin’s surface and in hair shafts. These living microorganisms help to keep the skin feeling balanced and healthy. 

The skin’s microbiome becomes imbalanced due to several factors, including over-cleansing, use of hair care products made with harsh ingredients, lack of moisture, and poor diet. When imbalanced the scalp may experience itchiness, irritation, dryness, and flaking. You may also notice subpar hair growth.

How Can I Make My Scalp Healthy for Hair Growth? 3 Simple Tips

You wouldn’t expect the skin on your face to look healthy, glowing, and gorgeous if you didn’t take care of it, right? Same goes for your scalp! When your hair looks thin or damaged, it’s time to check in with your scalp health. Take a look at the following tips on how to have a healthy scalp for optimal hair growth.

  1. Steer Clear of Drying Hair Care Products:

    Many mainstream shampoos contain sulfates, harsh foaming agents that dry the skin. It’s also a good idea to avoid hair conditioners and leave-in products made with silicones. These ingredients make hair look smooth and moisturized at first, but leave scalp and strands stripped of moisture, and inhibit the scalp from sloughing away dead skin cells, causing dryness and irritation.
  1. Use Naturally Moisturizing Ingredients:

    Natural moisturizers are gentle on scalp and hair, and won’t cause rebound dryness like silicones. 100% Virgin Coconut Oil is especially good for the scalp, containing high levels of Lauric Acid and Vitamin E to leave skin feeling ultimately hydrated and balanced. Other natural Hair Superfoods further benefit healthy scalp and hair growth.
  1. Get Your Vitamins and Nutrients:

    A balanced diet of organic foods and plenty of water help to support the skin’s microbiome and keep scalp health in check. Another way to make sure you are giving your scalp and hair all the right stuff is with a daily Hair Growth Vitamin. When shopping, be sure to read ingredient labels as some vitamins contain unnecessary fillers, sugar, and low quality ingredients. Vitamins made with natural plant- and fruit-based Hair Superfoods are best for supporting scalp health and hair growth. 

Wish there was a super easy way to get your scalp support routine on track? Your wish is our command, which is why we’ve created ST. TROPICA Duo Dream Team! Essential scalp care meets hair growth booster in this one-of-a-kind beauty bundle. Our Best Selling Tru Bloom Hair Growth Vitamins + Signature Beach Goddess Hot Oil Hair Mask deliver the best in beautiful Hair Superfood ingredients to support healthy scalp and hair growth, for your longest, strongest, healthiest feeling hair.

3 Responses

Micah N

Micah N

April 25, 2023

Thanks for sharing this information on the connection between scalp health and hair growth. It’s really helpful to learn about the importance of maintaining a healthy scalp, and how nutrition, hydration, and hair products can all affect it.

Patricia K

Patricia K

November 15, 2022

This blog is so informative! I’m definitely going to start taking better care of my scalp!
A healthy scalp is really essential for hair growth and will be less likely to fall out.

Jeanne R

Jeanne R

October 18, 2022

I stopped using any silicone-containing products because they made my hair greasy and left my scalp extremely dry – I had no idea that was even possible! Now, I make sure to always double-check the label of the products I use. I’m so glad I found ST. TROPICA and their Duo Dream Team! It’s vegan and completely drug-free, and I no longer have to be worried about harmful chemicals! It has helped me so much, now my hair is fuller, shinier, and healthier!

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