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The Secret to Voluminous Hair

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The Secret to Voluminous Hair

Bouncy and voluminous hairstyles have been going viral on social media, and we can see why - thick & luscious hair always looks good. While natural hair thickness and texture can play a role when achieving voluminous looking locks, the products you're using may actually be an even more key component to creating voluminous hairstyles.

The Secret to Voluminous Hair

Let's Talk About Hair Thickening Sprays

Once upon a time, the way to get voluminous hair was by back-combing your hair and using a hair spray. This process resulted in lots of volume but also quite a bit of hair damage, as well as hair that felt very stiff and sometimes even sticky.

Fast forward to today, and now there are incredible Hair Thickening Sprays that do all the work for you (no back-combing required!) and won't damage your hair. That isn't to say that all Hair Thickening Sprays are made the same - some may be too heavy for your hair, some may feel sticky or stiff, and some may make your hair feel dry. That's why finding a Hair Thickening Spray that uses high quality ingredients and sprays with an ultra fine mist, is absolutely essential when choosing your go-to volumizing spray.


Introducing Our NEW & IMPROVED Mermaid Mist Hair Thickening Spray

We're happy to share that our customer-favorite, the Mermaid Mist Hair Thickening Spray, is now available in its NEW & IMPROVED packaging. This packaging was designed with an ultra-fine misting pattern so that you can enjoy an even and fine application each time you use your Mermaid Mist. The original Mermaid Mist was great, but now - it's even better!

Why Does the Spray Pattern Matter SO Much?

The spray pattern is what makes a product mist over the hair evenly, or sprays product into a particular spot causing hair build-up. We all have had that dreaded moment of using a new hair product, spraying it into our hair, and ending up with a blob of concentrated product in our hair -- and often times the only way to remedy that is by re-washing your hair all over again!

A fine mist spray will help ensure that you never experience product build-up and also that all of your hair is evenly and delicately coated in the product. Our Mermaid Mist Hair Thickening Spray's new packaging has the finest misting pattern you've ever experienced before. Now each time you use your Mermaid Mist, you will enjoy an incredibly even application, resulting in beautifully bouncy & voluminous-looking hair.

Yes, now ANYONE Can Achieve Voluminous Hair

One question we receive often about our Mermaid Mist Hair Thickening Spray is "Will this work with my _____ hair" -- insert: fine, curly, wavy, straight, etc. The answer is... YES!

Our Mermaid Mist Hair Thickening Spray has always been formulated with the highest quality ingredients, for all hair types and textures. Now, with the improved hair misting sprayer, it really is the ultimate hair thickening spray for ALL hair types. Ultra-fine hair? No problem. Our fine misting sprayer will give you even application without any build-up, stickiness, or unwanted texture. We are confident that you'll love your new voluminous tresses.

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