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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Bragging about how long you can go between washings has practically become a pastime. OK, those Instagram memes can get a bit annoying, but the reasoning behind less frequent hair washing it totally legit. 

You know how hair looks when it gets parched from long, dry winter months, too much pool time, or overuse of heated styling tools? All dried out and straw-like, right? This is because it IS dried out! And over-washing is another reason your hair may be dry.

Natural oils in hair and on the scalp give your mane that glossy, bouncy, healthy look you love. Daily washing and harsh chemical shampoos strip away those natural oils and pH balance, and you are left with sapped, crispy strands.

OK, dirty hair may not seem like a super tempting alternative to dry hair. But there are ways to stretch your style between shampoos and still get in on the benefits of less washing. 

How to Wash Your Hair Less Often (Without Looking Like a Grease Slick)

How often should you wash your hair?

While keeping shampoos to once or twice a week is ideal, there will be times when that simply won’t fit in with your lifestyle. If you tend to have a very oily scalp, have a lifestyle that means your hair gets dirty more often, or you have a first date that lands on day three or four of your wash cycle, you may want to add in an extra shampoo. As with all healthy lifestyle tricks, do what works for you. 

How can you control the greasies?

Let’s start with the bad news … when you first start going longer between washing, your hair will get greasy. Now for the good news! This will improve after a week or two. In the meantime, dry shampoo will be your new can’t-live-without hair care product. Whether you opt for powder or spray, this stuff can get you through even the worst hair day.

What product should you use to shampoo your hair?

Sulfates are harsh foaming cleansers that dry out hair and scalp. Skip shampoos made with them and opt for products made with healthier ingredients to keep your mane in its best shape.

What hair type can go longer between washings?

Thicker hair types can handle more days between shampoos. If you were born with thinner hair, amp up the volume with natural ingredients. Our Hair Growth Vitamins are designed to make hair feel thicker and stronger. Just one a day will make your hair look gorgeous and you can skip a few more washings too.

These simple steps will help you to extend the life of your wash and keep the health of your hair, not to mention your salon color, in check too. Pick up a jar of hair vitamins and a pretty shower cap, and get ready to love your hair again.

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