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How to Eat and Exercise Your Way to Healthy Hair

How to Eat and Exercise Your Way to Healthy Hair

How to Eat and Exercise Your Way to Healthy Hair

You may be able to get by with a less-than-healthy lifestyle throughout your teen years and see no negative effects on hair. But if you are experiencing dryness, thinning, or other signs of hair damage, your diet and exercise plan (or lack of) may be the culprit.

It’s true, a healthy lifestyle affects more than how you fit into your jeans. The foods you eat and how much you move also have a big time influence on the health of your skin and hair.

Rather than focusing on ways to make your belly flat or tricks to keeping skin permanently youthful, think healthy lifestyle as a whole. Ayurveda has been doing this for centuries.

Ayurveda Approach to Health

Ayurveda believes there is a connection between gut health and healthy hair. Eating certain foods keeps your system and track, which keeps hair strong and looking great too. But consuming too many of the wrong foods leads to hair damage, breakage, and loss.

One Ayurvedic trick for healthy hair is to consume amla berries. These little beauties are rich in antioxidants to prevent free radical damage. Try tossing a handful of frozen berries in your next smoothie. We’re on the same page and use Organic Amla in our hair mask to strengthen and soften the hair.

It may be no huge secret that a healthy diet keeps your mane in fine shape. But how about the way you move?

Exercise is also essential to keeping the body running smoothly and this means hair too. It boosts circulation, which benefits hair growth, and dispels toxins to keep hair follicles clear. Lack of exercise, as in never working up a good sweat, means oils sit on scalp, clogging hair follicles and causing hair to look thin, limp, and lack luster.

Another reason exercise is so great … it’s a stress buster! Wonder how stress could possibly cause hair issues? Stress hormones may diminish hair follicles ability to grow, resulting in hair thinning and increased hair fall. Exercise increases feel good hormones, like serotonin, which not only make you happy but keep hair happy too. One more reason to bust out the runners.

Fast Tips for Healthy Hair Eating and Moving

Cut out the junkToo much refined sugar, processed carbs, alcohol, and junk food saps the system of vital nutrients. This results in dry, brittle, limp, thinning hair. Nix these hair saboteurs immediately.

Up the proteinLack of protein is one of the main things to look for in thinning or dull hair. Be sure you are eating lean meats, nuts, and seeds for a healthy hair booster.

Mineral boostAnother cause of hair loss or thinning is a mineral deficiency. Eat iron and zinc containing foods, like oatmeal, to protect hair.

Panthenol powerYou’ve seen this ingredient listed on many a hair care product. That’s because panthenol is great for strengthening hair and preventing split ends. Swig some green tea, a healthy source of panthenol that can be found in ST. TROPICA Hair Mask, and get your locks back to beautiful.

Balanced bacteriaSince good gut health means healthy hair, you may want to incorporate probiotics into your diet. Yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, miso, and tempeh are all good sources.

Get your BBiotin is a powerful B vitamin, and heralded as a superstar healthy hair ingredient, that improves hair growth and minimizes breakage. Eggs are a good source of the vitamin and Organic Biotin is also included in the St. Tropica Hair Mask.

Go easy: Did you know over doing the exercise can actually cause hair loss? Instead of shooting for fast weight loss or rapid muscle growth, try a gentler approach. May we suggest a session of Vinyasa yoga while wearing our healthy hair mask?

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May 24, 2019

Who knew eating right and exercising could give you healthy hair? Awesome!

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